Per @bjnovak's request, here's a Spotify playlist where all my songs I can't stop listening to live in case you wanna hear any. Okay bye:
  1. "No" by Meghan Trainor
    Okay, this song is a jam. I heard it on my drive to work one morning and instantly fell in love. I've never been the biggest fan of Meghan's songs, but wow.
  2. "sHe" by Zayn
    Let's be real for a second — I haven't stopped listening to Zayn's album all week. I'm so pleasantly surprised. This is one my favorites from the album.
  3. "Secret Love Song, Pt. II" by Little Mix
    The vocals on this very, very simple song are absolutely insane. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful.
  4. "Kali Ma" by Neck Deep
    Honestly it takes everything in me to not list every Neck Deep and State Champs song on these because they're my favorite bands. ANYWAYS. This song in particular has been on a solid rotation this week.
  5. "Ohio" by Jacob Whitesides
    I fell in love with Jacob last year and often forget how good he is. And then I come across this song and play it 100 times and cry because I love it so much.