Filed Under: Really random things that have happened to me thanks to Teen Wolf.
  1. It was June of 2014. I had been working at MTV for six months and @amandagurock had just begun her summer internship.
  2. I had gotten a text from @mattymcd late at night asking if Amanda and I would be down to be the Alphas of the Week on the first episode of season two of Wolf Watch. I immediately texted back and said yes.
    We were the first alphas of the week for season one of Wolf Watch when we were in college, which required the two of us to Skype into the show to talk about the raps we made.
  3. The next text from Matt mentioned getting our travel together the next day.
    Panic surged through me. Did I just agree to go on a trip? Did I just agree Amanda to go on a trip? Where were we going? Was I going to be able to go? What was happening? Amanda and had never been to California.
  4. I immediately called Amanda and warned her that we might be flying out to California the next week to be on Wolf Watch and apologized for volunteering us before realizing this was a thing.
    Thankfully she was excited and not at all mad.
  5. The next week we were on a plane and on the way to Cali together.
    We flew super late at night because I had to interview Fifth Harmony before we left New York (which is funny because that interview got lost forever) and it was 2 AM by the time we got to the hotel. I set my alarm for 4 AM and basically cried myself to sleep.
  6. Delirious from lack of sleep, we got in the car the next morning and were on our way to the set of Wolf Watch.
    And during this time we were told we were going to have to rap in front of a live studio audience and the cast, which was basically our worst nightmare.
  7. But then something really awesome happened.
  8. "Hey guess where the set of Wolf Watch is?"
  9. "The set of the Office!"
  10. Amanda could care less, but I'm pretty sure I screamed. The Office was one of my favorite shows. This had to be a joke, right?
  11. But then we pulled up and low and behold, I was in Dunder Mifflin's parking lot.
  12. Like... Literally.
  13. I was on the set of one of my favorite shows because of another one of my favorite shows and I couldn't wrap my head around it.
  14. Nobody else seemed to really care, but I was living my best life.
    Except I took approximately two photos and didn't really take advantage of the fact that I was standing where so many iconic scenes took place and wow. I'm an idiot.
  15. And then during the Wolf Watch taping, Tyler Posey and I got in trouble as we obsessed over the Office and the fact that we were at Dunder Mifflin.
  16. And that's how Teen Wolf brought me to the Office.
  17. What a really long lead up with a super anticlimactic ending.
  18. Bye.