And it's not even that I poured shots for the cast all night.
  1. So. I got to the red carpet and knew I had to meet with MTV's video shooter.
  2. Only problem was, I had never met him and had no idea what he looked like.
  3. After emailing back and forth, we found each other. And he was convinced we had met before, but I was just 100% certain we didn't.
  4. As he's talking to me, I'm going wait... His voice sounds so familiar though.
  5. Within seconds I realized he reminded me a lot of Squid from Holes.
    See -- The Holes obsession is so very real. It's terribly bad.
  6. So as he's talking, all I can picture is Squid from Holes (whose real name is Jake M Smith).
  7. Wait... This dudes name is also Jake M Smith.
  8. NOW as we are setting up on the red carpet, I'm googling Jake M Smith.
  9. Fuck.
  10. Shit.
  11. This is Squid from Holes.
  12. I start sweating.
  13. I've never met anyone from Holes.
  14. Will he get mad if I ask?
  15. What do I do?
  16. "Hey. Really random and weird question... Were you in Holes?"
  17. "Yes, yes I was."
  18. I die inside and tell him that weirdly enough I'm Holes' biggest fan.
  19. He tells me that's not the first time he's heard that.
  20. I tell him that I'm going to freak him out, but I know that he wrote "Dig It" and that he doesn't have a verse on the song, but there was one for him. And the reason he didn't get to record it is because he got sick.
  21. He confirms I'm Holes' biggest fan.
  22. We then bonded for the rest of the night (over Holes and things not related to Holes) as we worked the carpet for three hours.
  23. I'm crying.
  24. This is one of the most important moments of my life.
  26. (And I also poured shots of whiskey all night for the cast of the Hunger Games for MTV's interview, BUT THAT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER.)