The Five Mothers That I Love Dearly

Inspired by @olive
  1. Eileen
    I would be lost without my mom. We may not always get along and agree on everything, but we love each other more than words can express. She's done so much for my family and me and I'll likely never be able to show her how much I truly appreciate her. Her favorite movie is Camp Rock and she thinks Tyler Posey is soooooo cute. We make a great team.
  2. Terri
    Aka my mom's younger sister and my second mom growing up. She let me get away with the things my mom would never and always kept my secrets. She also was the one who took me to see Holes in theaters, so she definitely helped aid in my sick obsession. My Aunt Terri is the definition of a fighter. She's always cracking jokes and has the biggest smile on her face. It's impossible to be anything but happy when she's around.
  3. Sue
    Aka @amandagurock's beautiful mother and my second mom. Sue is basically one of my best friends and knows more about me than 99% of the people in my life. I'm not entirely sure how she puts up with me invading her home 24/7, but I'm oh so happy she does. She's the only person I'll let try to steal my celebrity crushes.
  4. Catherine
    Aka Grandma. This cute lil lady also comes with the best British accent around. When I was younger, she would spend a month in the summer living at my house and it was a dream. We would read books, watch television, and play cards together. She taught me how to knit and always has the greatest stories to tell. She's a dream.
  5. Muriel
    Aka Nana. This beautiful soul passed away my senior year of college and not a day goes by where I don't think of her and how proud she would be of me right now. She used to take me to the library and I'd come home with stacks of poem books to read to her. She was sassy and unique and definitely danced to the beat of her own drum. She was a true gem.
  6. BONUS: Marie
    While my Aunt Marie never had kids of her own, she was always another mom to my cousins and I. Plus she gets the title of best godmother ever. She taught me to always stay passionate and hungry and to do everything with a smile on my face. She also made my cousin and me go to "charm school" in her living room every holiday, so shout out to her for teaching us what real manners are.