KEEPING NAMES OUT FOR PROTECTION (aka mine). *based on real life events from two years ago*
  1. Imagine waking up one morning to find out you're going to work with one of your favorite artists!
    It's a great feeling. You're told you have to spend a huge portion of the day with them and you're amped. By the end of the day the two of you are destined to be best friends, right?
  2. Wrong. Said artist is going to be super late. Like super, super late. And you're going to be waiting all afternoon for them to show up.
    And you can't really do anything or go anywhere because you have no idea when they're going to show up, but you have to be ready for any time.
  3. And finally they will get there, walk into the room, and instead of introducing themselves... They're gonna be like "what the fuck is with all the cameras and lights? I thought we were doing stuff for social on a phone."
    And you're gonna panic because that's your cue, so you're gonna get your phone on camera mode so said artist can take the photos they need as quickly as possible.
  4. But the crew is gonna insist they do some GIFs first, so you don't need the phone on your camera open. But you're gonna keep it open and by your side, so when the artist is ready they'll be able to do it as quickly and painless as possible.
    Except the artist is going to see your camera is open and they're gonna say "turn off the fucking camera" and the operator of the actual camera is going to kindly tell them that the camera is off. And then they're gonna point at you and be like "no. Her. Turn the fucking camera on your phone off." And you're gonna cry a little inside and shove your phone in your pocket.
  5. Then you'll watch as the artist takes some GIFs and you'll listen to them say "I fucking hate GIFs" about 100 times.
    And then you'll watch the artist watch the video on the camera and then grab the camera and delete all the footage, making the past five minutes completely useless.
  6. And then it'll be your turn and the artist will take your phone and take a selfie.
    Shockingly on one try via Snapchat. And the artist will save the Snapchat to your phone and tell you to use that photo for Instagram too.
  7. And then you'll move on to your next task — The fan engagement aspect where the artist has to communicate with fans via social.
    And the artist will flip out again. Except this time it will be much worse. And their manager will call them out for being so shitty in front of everyone. And the artist will start yelling saying they're not doing this. And you'll be standing there telling them it's totally cool and that they don't have to do anything they don't want to, but their manager will argue with you and say no. They have to do it.
  8. And then the manager will kick everyone in the room out to have a chat with the artist.
    And you'll be happy to just get out of there. But as you're exiting the room, the artist will point to you and say "No. You're staying in here."
  9. And then the door will close and you'll be locked in a room with the artist and the manager as they scream at each other.
    During this time you begin to question your whole life. They're arguing over what you asked the artist to do. It's clear the artist hates you.
  10. And the artist will try dragging you into the fight and the manager will try dragging you into the fight and you'll stand there silently trying not to get slapped by either of them.
    Meanwhile your bosses are standing outside fearing for your life. Everyone outside is fearing for your life.
  11. And then the doors will open and everyone will come back in and the artist and their manager will leave and everyone will ask you if you're okay.
    They'll also ask you if you got slapped.
  12. And then you'll text your best friend to let them know how you almost died by death of pop star.
    And you'll tell them everything.
  13. And then the manager will find you an hour later and tell you that the artist will do more stuff, but needs your phone to do so, so you have to hand it over.
    And panic will start to sink in again.