Inspired by @bjnovak (a long, long time ago). This has been sitting in my drafts for MONTHS and figured it was finally appropriate to post today.
  1. 1st Grade: Mrs. DeStaso
    Although I was young, this was the class where I developed my love for school. We put on plays, wrote books, and constantly read. It was the best.
  2. 4th Grade: Mrs. Postolowski
    Not really much to say other than the fact that she was great (and I probably butchered the spelling of her name).
  3. 7th Grade: Ms. Medina (English)
    When I found out Ms. Medina was my English teacher, everyone wished me luck. Apparently she had a reputation for being "mean" and "difficult." Ironically, this was the class and teacher that made me want to be an English teacher. I always told myself I wanted to be a 7th grade English teacher because of her. She introduced me to Shakespeare (which I weirdly loved at 12 years old) and the Outsiders (which is one of my favorite books and movies to date).
  4. 10th grade: Ms. Mulholland (Math)
    Not going to lie, I didn't like this teacher when I had her. At all. I hated math and never thought I was good at it and on the first day she told us we weren't allowed to use calculators on our tests. I did terribly and constantly went for extra help during lunch. I hated the class, but she pushed me to my full potential. And then magically I became really good at math, so I thank her for that.
  5. 11th grade: Mr. Murray (English)
    He gets credited for being my all-time favorite teacher. Every book we read, I actually enjoyed and took something out of. I used to do all extra credit assignments, even though I didn't need the extra credit, just because I genuinely enjoyed doing the work he assigned. He also once gave me a 113 on an essay that had no extra credit, so shout out to him for that. He ended up writing my letter of recommendation for college and it always bugs me that I'll never know what it said.
  6. 12th Grade: Mr. Lima (Peer Leadership)
    This was a class I had to go through rounds of interviews to be in. Basically we were each given a group of freshman to mentor throughout the year. It was one of the most rewarding classes I have ever taken and it definitely wouldn't have been that way if he wasn't teaching it.
  7. High School: Ms. Berges
    Throughout high school I had her for four different classes (art, art therapy x2, and ceramics). I learned more about myself in her classes than any others in high school. I also developed a real love for art that I didn't really have before.
  8. College: Professor Flayhan
    The first college professor I had that made me feel like I chose the right major. The work she assigned was also work to help us flesh out our portfolio and she made sure our assignments reflected who we were. I did a lot of stuff in her classes that I would have done on my own anyway, only she was there to help.
  9. College: Professor Good
    Had him for three classes in college and while he definitely kicked my ass, it was totally worth it in the end. He knew when I half assed my work and wasn't afraid to call me out on it. He pushed me to work hard and give everything my all.