It's currently untitled, but we're getting there.
  1. Cooler In California
  2. I Just Wanna Sleep Forever
  3. Fries Over Guys
  4. I Promise I Really, Really Don't Wanna Do That
  5. Puppy Love
  6. That One Good Weekend
  7. That One Good Week
    Very different from That One Good Weekend, but definitely the follow up.
  8. Stop Making My Stomach Hurt (Thx)
  9. Every Day Is A Bad Hair Day
  10. Hazelnut Iced Coffe3
    That three was accidental, but I'm keeping it because it's ~cool~
  11. You Ignored Me In High School (Funny How Things Change)
  12. Commutes From Hell
  13. Resting Bitch Face
  14. Text Me Back (Please)
  15. Teen Wolf Gang
    The studio version of the first ever Teen Wolf rap ft. Nicki Minaj