This probably isn't as fun to read as the Ja Rule party actually was, but... One day Amanda and I were going to hang out with some pals at a party, but we didn't realize the party was a Ja Rule party.
  1. Seeing Ja Rule's son and thinking it was Ja Rule and then seeing Ja Rule and being very confused.
  2. @amandagurock craving a hot dog all night.
  3. When the Ja Rule party turned into a Ja Rule concert.
  4. Ashanti popping out of quite literally nowhere to perform with Ja and the whole place freaking the fuck out.
  5. Getting accidentally stuck in a dance circle with Ja Rule and his family.
  6. Chris falling asleep at the second club.
  7. Avoiding bosses at all costs.
  8. This photo.
  9. Doing the Drake hotline bling dance an obscene amount of times to annoy the shit out of Jesse and Tyler.
  10. Wanting to buy a crepe so badly, but never actually buying a crepe.
  11. Having a really random conversation with Ja Rule's mom and mother-in-law about Ashanti.
  12. Getting Chipotle before ending up at the Ja Rule party and immediately regretting my decision.
  13. Drinking way too much.
  14. Not taking my own advice.