My birthday isn't until November, but I'm planning ahead.
  1. A good nights sleep
  2. To wake up feeling well rested
  3. To take a photo of myself and not hate it
  4. For someone else to clean my room for me
  5. To hang out with puppies
  6. Maybe a nice cake
  7. More sleep
  8. To see all my friends!!!!!!!
  9. To get cute lil texts and tweets and FB posts idk
  10. For my wrinkled clothes to not be wrinkled
  11. To be comfortable with myself
  12. A staycation (where I can sleep)
  13. Everyone to be nice to me for at least one whole day
  14. To find a show I love as much as I loved Parenthood
  15. To visit the set of Teen Wolf while they finish filming the last ever episodes
  16. To sneak my way into being in the background of at least one episode of Teen Wolf
  17. To be happy