And no, the Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie was not one of them. (But it probably should have been.)
  1. The Fosters
    4 episodes, to be exact. I would have watched about 20 more, but I ran out of episodes to watch and now I have to wait to watch it on television with the rest of the world. I'm upset.
  2. The Spectacular Now
    I had always wanted to see this movie and now I'm a little in love with Miles Teller's character, which I really didn't need in my life.
  3. RENT
    I haven't seen this movie since my early high school years and I saw it was on Netflix, so I just had to. I realized that some of my favorite characters when I was a kid were kind-of the worst???
  4. Cake
    Was in it for Britt Robertson, but made it 40 minutes into the movie before deciding it wasn't for me.
  5. One Day
    Was in this for Jim Sturgess and WOW, thanks to nobody for telling me that it's depressing. That being said, it did make me want to go on a vacation with a cute boy.
  6. About Alex
    I hadn't heard of this movie, but randomly came across it on Netflix and wow. This was a great movie. The cast was phenomenal and I'm writing this before the movie is even over because I feel that strongly about it. Stop what you're doing and go watch it.
  7. Across The Universe
    Haven't watched this movie in a hot second and after watching One Day, I really just needed more Jim Sturgess in my life. And I really just needed Jim Sturgess singing great music in my life.
  8. Friends
    Aka what I'll be watching for the rest of the night.