Because I've spent the entire week watching movies.
  1. Kingsman: The Secret Service
    Wasn't super eager to watch this, but my friends chose it and I didn't feel like arguing. And guess what? I loved it. It was the perfect combination of action and humor and, let's be real, Taron Egerton is super dreamy.
  2. The Longest Ride
    I really wanted to watch this because I'm trash. It was essentially like every other Nicholas Sparks movie rolled into one. But I love Britt Robertson too much to say anything bad about it and Scott Eastwood is a babe, so. Really made me aware of how single I am.
  3. The DUFF
    I've been dying to watch this and I was not let down. I was so impressed with every single thing about this movie. I think I need to be Mae Whitman's best friend.
  4. Friends
    I'm on season six, guys. Be proud of me. (Still in love with Chandler Bing, in case you were curious.)
  5. Maid In Manhattan
    Such a classic. Although now I just see Voldemort trying to mack on Jennifer Lopez and it makes it a little creepy.
  6. A Case Of You
    I really wanted to watch a romantic comedy and this popped up on Netflix. I tried really hard to get through it, but I ended up passing out halfway through. Oops.
  7. The Fosters
    I have no idea what possessed me to click play on season one on Netflix, but shit. I'm hooked. I'm 23 and seven episodes deep and emotionally attached to characters half my age. #2016 (Jk. They're like 15 and 16, but STILL. WHAT AM I DOING?)