They love me. They really love me.
  1. "If I ever look outside and see Kaiti dead on the sidewalk, then I'll know John Krasinski must have walked past her."
  2. "I don't understand how you're a functioning human in society."
  3. "Kaitlyn is the harbinger of death."
  4. "Wait... You're eating a salad? Wow. I'm so proud of you. Always remember -- Multicolored plates, Kaitlyn. Multicolored plates."
    This was after I stated that it felt like my nose was bleeding and then boom. Craig's nose started bleeding.
  6. "You are a human meme."
  7. "You're going to die before you reach 25."
    This was after explaining how I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day. I stopped this trend in September, though, so yay???
  8. "Whenever I need to know what our audience likes I just ask myself -- Would Kaitlyn Vella like this?"
  9. "Sometimes I think you're on a Holes high."
  10. "You can always count on Kaitlyn to bring snacks to the bar."
  11. "When I didn't know you, I used to refer to you as the girl who loves Teen Wolf and everyone knew who I was talking about."
  12. "Kaitlyn always has the craziest stories."
  13. "Grumpy Cat is your spirit animal."
  14. "Selena Gomez is Kaitlyn's Beyoncé."
  15. "Sometimes I really worry about you..."