Honestly where would I be without Teen Wolf?
  1. Go on my first plane ride!
  2. Go to the set of the Office!
  3. Have a job!
  4. Get my first real internship!
  5. Go to a random fan's house to watch the watch the show!
  6. Rap in front of a live studio audience!
  7. Make a video that has a lot of YouTube views!
  8. Host a marathon on MTV!
  9. Make new friends!
  10. Grow closer to my family!
  11. Grow closer to my best friend!
  12. Go on a yacht!
  13. Surprise Teen Wolf fans!
  14. Win awards!
  15. Rap in front of a green screen for MTV.com!
  16. Star in an ad campaign for Viacom!
  17. Be on posters plastered around all Viacom buildings!
  18. Be feature on a snapchat geofilter in Times Square!
  19. Be on a billboard in Times Square!
  20. Live my best life!