It's really lonely in the back of this Uber.
  1. I'm going to be the least dressed up person there.
  2. I probably shouldn't have brought a bookbag.
  3. Also there are 50 cupcakes with me... Who trusted me with this?
  4. There's also a bottle of whiskey in my bag and I feel powerful.
  5. But what if they steal the whiskey? This wasn't my choice. I don't even know what this is for.
  6. Is Josh Hutcherson single?
  7. Is Liam Hemsworth single?
  8. Is Jennifer Lawrence single?
  9. Wow, I'm hungry.
  10. What if I'm not on the list they have?
  11. What if they don't believe I work for MTV?
  12. Why is my Uber not moving?
  13. I feel like I have a fever.
  14. I could probably go to sleep right now.
  15. Wouldn't mind telling my Uber driver to take me home so I can sleep, TBH.
  16. Must we hit every red light?
  17. This list is trash. Why am I even bothering?
  18. Maybe I'll just draft it like I do everything.
  19. Shit. I should probably make a list for MTV today.
  20. Would people like photos from the Mockingjay carpet?
  21. Ugh, I hope. Because that's what they're gonna get.
  22. HEY. I'll post photos here that I won't post anywhere else.
  23. Cool.
  24. People are gonna hate it.
  25. I wonder if this is inside or outside.
  26. I wonder if I'll ever make it there.
  27. Probably should have just taken the subway.
  28. I'm an idiot.
  29. See you soon, J Law.