It was so hard to narrow this down to just three.
  1. State Champs x Neck Deep, March 12 2016
    Nothing like seeing your two favorite bands perform live... While also hanging out with your favorite band. Can't express how happy I was that night. Also had a bomb Italian dinner right before the concert, so I was very content.
  2. One Direction, August 5 2015
    I didn't expect to attend this concert, but the week before a bunch of free tickets magically fell into my life. I danced more than I've ever danced in my life.
  3. Jonas Brothers, August 5 2007
    My third Jonas Brothers concert. It was a free show in Atlantic City. My parents drove me and my three best friends up, got us a hotel room, and let us stand in front of the stage all afternoon before they came out. We ended up getting to meet the band afterwards, which we didn't expect at all. It was a dream weekend.