i ReFusE tO tYpe tHe tiTLeS oUt LiKe tHis, bUt KnOw tHat iS hOw zAyN haS iT. i Am wRiTinG tHis LiSt wHiLe LisTeniNg tO tHe fuLL aLbum fOr tHe fiRsT tiME. aLso i Am ReaLLy bAd aT RanKiNg tHinGs. bYe.
  1. PS. After putting this on shuffle and listening, I want to rearrange this order so badly. But this was my initial ranking, so. Have at it.
  2. Mind of Mindd (Intro)
    Wait... Is Spotify supposed to have this down as Mind of Mindd? Shouldn't it be Mind of Mine? I can't understand a word he's saying in it anyway, so I'm sure it doesn't ~really~ matter. Also this isn't a full song anyway.
  3. Intermission: Flower
    This reminds me of George Harrison. I can't really put it into the real ranking because, like the intro, it's not a full song.
  4. It's You
    This song makes me feel like I'm living life in slow motion. That could be because the music video is in slow motion, but either way it's just a little too slow for my liking. Honestly I'm probably just upset because I will never be able to sing along to this in the car because his voice is so fucking high.
  5. Blue
    I couldn't focus while listening to this song, so this rating may be off.
  6. She Don't Love Me
    Okay, I'm not convinced that this is Zayn. It sounds like Miguel. Help.
  7. Bright
    This one confuses me. It just doesn't sound like a Zayn song. A lot of the songs in this album have a very distinct sound and then there are others (like this) that sounds like he's trying to channel other artists.
  8. Truth
    This song reminds me too much of Frank Ocean. And I love Frank Ocean, but I want to hear Zayn.
  9. Lucozade
    Eh??? I don't know how I feel yet. I'll likely have to listen 100 times more before coming to a conclusion. (Okay. Second listen and I'm into it.)
  10. Bordersz
    I promise the title is spelled like this. The verses aren't really doing anything for me. I'm realizing I don't like when Zayn sings super super high for extended periods of time. But I'm liking it a lot better after listening for the second time.
  11. Pillowtalk
    I have to say when I heard this for the first time I wasn't pleased, but then I had it on a loop for an entire day and it grew on me 110% more than I ever expected it would. It's still a jam.
  12. Wrong ft. Kehlani
    Kehlani saved this song. It was doing nothing for me and then she came in and 🔥🔥🔥.
  13. Rear View
    This song reminds me of last year when Zayn and Perrie split and when Zayn and One Direction split and it's making me really emotional??? It's too early for this.
  14. Like I Would
    When I first heard the name of this song it reminded me of a One Direction song. This is like a "One Direction Is All Grown Up" song. I'd probably choose this over the 1D version.
  15. Drunk
    Good song, good song.
  16. BeFour
    If I heard this song on the radio I would have no idea it was Zayn. I'm super into it.
  17. She
    This song makes me want to sit down with him and ask him who every song on this album is about. Gigi????
  18. Tio
    Honestly thought this was going to be a song about his uncle or something, but TIO stands for take it off. So. I was very wrong.
  19. Fool For You
    I really, really like this song but it feels more One Direction than it does Zayn. Like I'm convinced this was a One Direction song and now it's just Zayn's. I was waiting to hear Harry the entire song.