And I'm not even sure I pronounce it correctly.
  1. For those who don't know, Emetophobia is the fear of throw up.
    I have a fear of both throwing up and throw up in general.
  2. The reason I never drank in high school or college is because I had a fear that it was going to cause me to throw up.
    I still barely ever drink because of this.
  3. I don't go on roller coasters because, what do you know, that can lead to throwing up.
  4. Whenever I get a bad stomach ache, I start to get bad anxiety over whether or not I'm going to be sick.
    This has lead to me collapsing and passing out.
  5. I obsessively check the expiration date on every food item.
    And as a kid, I'd throw out anything that was nearing the expiration date. This made my parents very angry.
  6. Traveling is the worst because I'm in constant fear that I'm going to get sick when I'm not home.
  7. Living in a college dorm for four years was an absolute nightmare.
    They didn't clean the bathrooms on the weekend and I am still surprised I survived.
  8. I get bad anxiety whenever I get a stomach ache, which is unfortunately very often.
  9. I hate how much I let this fear control my life growing up.
  10. Bye.