I'm just making this up on the spot, tbh.
  1. Sherri "Cherry" Valance
    In a remake of the Outsiders. Dylan O'Brien would be Ponyboy, probably.
  2. Cecelia Halpert
    In a spin off of the Office where Cece is all grown up.
  3. Lydia Scott or Sawyer Scott
    Once again in a spin off of One Tree Hill where the little babies are all grown up. I'm not picky about who I am, as long as I'm in it.
  4. Helga Petacki
    In a live action version of Hey Arnold.
  5. Bethany Joy Lenz
    In the unauthorized One Tree Hill story that's bound to come out one of these days.
  6. Diane Banks
    Gabe on Finding Carter always mentions a girl named Diane Banks. You never see her, but I am her.
  7. Someone on CSI
    Because I think forensic science is the coolest and would love a job like that, except I would so puke. So acting like I'm a forensic scientist is 100x better.
  8. Random Girl In Hallway
    On Teen Wolf. I'm not asking for much, here. C'mon. I'll even take random girl in the back of the classroom. Or Lydia's cousin. Anything, people. Anything.