Inspired by @aus10 including me on his list. Also @k8mcgarry. I'll try not to double up. (But you should actually follow everyone I follow because I followed them for a reason!)
  1. Nicest gal, writes 💯 lists about two of my favourite shows: The Mindy Project and The Office.
  2. Not actually a Kiwi but an Australian. Please follow her and pressure her to write more lists.
  3. A lovely soul.
  4. Is being Mother of Dragons not reason enough for you? 🐲
  5. Quality and consistent Lister.
  6. Medical. Anthropologist. There is no cooler profession.
  7. Loves all the best TV and agrees Kelly Kapoor/Morgan Tookers could be a thing. Awesome.
  8. Fellow Aussie! 🐨
  9. I am legally obligated to insist you follow all Kaits.
  10. Best friend. 👯
  11. Other best friend, brilliant graphic design artist, hasn't started listing yet but surely will.
  12. Hilarious family.
  13. Gorgeous gal who has been around the app for a long while. I'm always intrigued and intimidated by you beta folk.
  14. Bearing in mind in doing so you might be forced to testify in a court of law. I'm not sure.
  15. I love anthropologists. What of it?