Follower counts are totally arbitrary and this list isn't meant to be bragging. It's just super nice to know that there are a pretty big handful of people who like what I write enough to invest in a follow. ☺️
  1. So thank you.
  2. I don't want to punish you with a sob story but the fact is that I have never been very popular.
  3. I remember having a birthday party in maybe year three where I invited dozens of kids.
    Two came, my closest friends, and one wasn't allowed to spend the night.
  4. I quickly learned that it was quality, not quantity, that counted when it came to friends.
    But it still stung each time somebody would hand out invitations or Christmas cards to every classmate but me.
  5. It still ached when I heard stories of the parties that happened over the weekend come Monday morning.
    Many invitees having attended with the caveat: "Don't tell Kait."
  6. I sit alone in university classes, and in between them.
    I guess this is a choice, and maybe my anxiety's fault, but four years in I thought maybe I'd have made a friend.
  7. I have enough trouble trying to get my local friends to spend time with me these days.
    My best friend lives on the other side of the world. Most of my dearest friends I've never met in person.
  8. And I often feel like a burden even to those long distance friends.
  9. Being a burden sucks.
  10. Not knowing your place sucks.
  11. And I know it's cheesy as fuck and I probably talk it up way too much, but this place really does feel like MY place.
    So many of you feel like people I've been waiting a long time to meet.
  12. I know I can't judge how much I'm liked or loved by a number.
    But it's still nice too look at from time to time.
  13. I know that plenty of great lists won't trend.
    But I still feel giddy when mine do, like I'm no longer shouting into the void. Giddy and scared, I guess.
  14. So again, thank you.
  15. For investing a little bit in my life.
    And letting me invest a little in yours.