Or any person, because everyone here is cool and smart and hilarious.
  1. Confusion.
    😦Wait, what?
  2. Skepticism.
    😏Did I imagine that? Is it an account with almost the exact same name and same profile picture?
  3. Elation/delusion.
    😁Oh my god, I've made it. I don't know if List Famous is a thing but this person totally is and soon I will be, too!
  4. Doubt.
    😕Maybe they followed me by mistake.
  5. Sadness.
    😢Oh, no. They followed me by mistake.
  6. Panic.
    😰What if they realise their mistake and unfollow me? Or what if they DID mean to follow me but my lists are actually really annoying and in excess and they start to consider me a spammer? Which is worse?!
  7. Acceptance.
    🙂It's okay, I'll just never post another list again.
  8. Defiance.
    😎Fuck it, I'm writing another list (and checking that this Cool Person is still following me from time to time.)