Inspired by @breeannie.
  1. How did you hear about The List App?
    Through @bjnovak's tweets. I'd heard ~rumours~ before and was very curious, so I was quick to sign up.
  2. What were your initial thoughts?
    I was very intimidated, honestly. This is a rare place where the majority of content is quality. I wasn't sure I'd live up to that. I'm still not sure.
  3. Thoughts on Beta/Beta users?
    Envy! And awe. I sincerely hope that you don't mind me going back and reading your older lists, but there are so many that obviously didn't get a chance to see before and would hate to miss. I also get a little starstruck when one of you follows me? Is that dumb?
  4. What emojis have increased in use since using The List App?
  5. How many lists have you made?
    69, not including this one. Hold your laughter, children.
  6. How many drafts?
  7. How many likes?
    2843. Be generous with your likes, people!
  8. How many relists?
    527. As above.
  9. How many 💾?
    73! 🤔
  10. Favourite list to make?
    Oh, I don't know! Maybe How To Make A Milkshake (HOW TO MAKE A MILKSHAKE) because it was very spur of the moment? And I didn't think my ice cream failure would be entertaining to anyone but me.
  11. List with the most notes?
    Things I've Learned From My Mental Illnesses (THINGS I'VE LEARNED FROM MY MENTAL ILLNESSES), although Things That Overwhelm Me On The List App (THINGS THAT OVERWHELM ME ON THE LIST APP) came pretty close.
  12. List you were surprised by the reaction?
    Regrets. I didn't feel very brave writing it, just ashamed. (REGRETS)
  13. Favourite type of lists?
    Personal lists, lists about movies, lists about books, lists that make me feel a little less alone.
  14. What do you hope to see in the future?
    More of the same. Kindness, creativity and a safe place to express ourselves.
  15. Anything else?
    I can't talk about it too long or you'll be able to hear the tears in my typing. But I really do adore this place and all of you. It makes me feel less alone and a little bit cool. I haven't had a place to write in too long and I know that's weighed against me. I feel lighter. So thank you, @list creators. You've made something great.