1. I never really was particularly good at acceptance.
    In particular, at accepting change.
  2. I clung to my mother and begged her to let me go back to primary the very first day of high school.
  3. I yearned for my childhood bedroom ten years after we'd moved away.
  4. The older I get – and mind you, I am not very old – the more I realise it doesn't matter.
    It doesn't matter if you've mastered the art of acceptance or not.
  5. Because shit happens anyway.
  6. Friends leave and loved ones hang themselves before you've had a chance to say goodbye and your childhood home will be somebody else's no matter how long you long for it.
  7. Change doesn't wait for you to say that you're ready.
    It happens. It knocks you off your feet, strikes you before you've even had a chance to try and stand.
  8. Life doesn't give a fuck whether you've accepted its lesson or not.
  9. Life just goes on.
  10. So you have no choice but to, too.