ALL ABOUT KAITLYN lists. I've listed a lot since I joined and I guess the nonsense they contain tells a pretty good story about who I am. People are introducing themselves to the new folks, this is my turn.
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    The first list I wrote: INSTRUCTIONS FOR MY FUNERAL
    I think people think this is a joke but I am dead (pun unintended) serious. Please don't bury or cremate me without being really, really sure.
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    My father, half of why I am who I am: THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY FATHER
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    And my mother: MY MOTHER
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    My country (and my photography!): AN AUSSIE'S FAVOURITE PLACES IN AUSTRALIA
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    My rather eclectic taste in film: 99 MOVIES THAT I LOVE
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    I'm very open about my mental illnesses on this platform: THINGS I'VE LEARNED FROM MY MENTAL ILLNESSES
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    And I'm also really open about how much I ❀️ cats: WHY I LOVE CATS 😻😻😻
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    2016 has been a year of learning self-compassion for me: SELF-COMPASSION
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    And a year of learning to be soft with the parts of myself I'm usually hardest on, including my anxiety: A LETTER TO MY ANXIETY
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    For much of my life, I've suffered from a stutter: MY SPEECH IMPEDIMENT
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    That might be why I've taken so much to the written word, where I don't seem to stumble quite as often. I've taken strength most recently from @CherylStrayed: IMPORTANT DEAR SUGAR COLUMNS
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    And though she's no longer with us, Sylvia Plath: A FEW THINGS PLATH ONCE WROTE
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    I love The Office: I AM MICHAEL SCOTT
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    And so much more TV (why is there no redhead emoji?!)
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    I love poetry: YOU ARE TIRED
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