1. Work was fun?
    I got to train new people which is always good for my ego. I think they might promote me to supervisor? It'll mean I'll get a couple extra bucks whenever I'm the supervisor on shift. Also, the other day a customer complimented me to my manager and I got a gift card out of it.
  2. I made an appointment with my psych.
    The one who moved. I'm staying with her. I can't see her until the 25th but having a fixed date makes the hardest days a little easier.
    I'm being really specific about who I'm buying for. Just immediate family. I've ordered my sister's books, my dad's dinner set AND won major sibling points by preordering my brother the latest Final Fantasy game.
  4. Poker and peaches and ice cream.
    With my dad, who I'm getting along with for the first time in a long time.
  5. 😊😊😊