Inspired by @MirandaBerman. This isn't even my nation's day but whatever! 💁🏼
  1. Dear non-Cat People,
  2. It's okay. I get it.
  3. Cats can be total assholes.
  4. I regularly wonder why I let these sadistic little weirdos into my home.
    What are they?????
  5. I have to rescue tiny, innocent lizards from my cats on the daily.
  6. A kitten once shut down my computer when I hadn't hit save on an essay.
  7. I am currently nursing no less than seven cat scratches.
    And the other week one of my cats bit me on my damn face.
  8. Meanwhile my dog has hurt me never, not even once.
    Yes, I also love dogs!
  9. I don't think less of you!
  10. I don't think better of myself.
  11. I can't explain my love!
    (Okay, I can, but you hear enough of that and I don't want to make you roll your eyes. 🙄)
  12. Just don't try and kill my cats like my former neighbours and we'll be fine.
  13. Love, Kaitlyn
    (and her cats x2 and foster kittens x4!)