1. When famous people die, we are often mocked for mourning them.
    Most of us, many argue, have never met them and thus are not entitled to our grief.
  2. Fuck that.
  3. Music is one of the most significant part of our lives.
    Music never dies. It grows with us and sometimes our taste changes, but sometimes it doesn't.
  4. I can't imagine falling out of love with Bowie's songs.
    He was a legend, pure and simple, someone who seemed to have lived a thousand years and ought to have a thousand more.
  5. I can't imagine not feeling sad right now.
    My mother raised me on Bowie. My mother saw him live and my envy for that fact never diminished.
  6. I can't blame a single person who has shed a single tear tonight.
    Because I have, too.
  7. Maybe we never met David Bowie.
    Maybe he was simply a voice in our ears.
  8. But we knew him and we loved him and he worked his way into our lives through the most magnificent songs.
  9. He will be missed but he has blessed us with so much to remember him by.
  10. Don't judge yourself or anyone who might cry tonight, tomorrow or in coming days.
    The world lost one of its best, and the stars look very different today.