1. There's something so cathartic about writing a letter.
  2. About putting pen to paper.
  3. I've always loved sending and receiving mail but lately it has come to me in a new light.
  4. As you all know I've been participating in DBT,
  5. and one of our core skills is mindfulness.
  6. You guys, we live in a society that prides itself on multitasking.
  7. But multitasking isn't necessarily a good thing.
  8. Being so busy you feel unbalanced isn't to be applauded.
  9. For our mental health, we need to take moments in which we are mindful. And one-minded.
  10. And sitting down and writing a letter to the other side of the world is perfect for that.
  11. It consumes our senses for the moment.
  12. The roughness of the paper, the sent of the ink, the sound of the scratch of the pen...
    (The taste ink in your mouth if you're terrible like me and suck on the end of your ballpoint...)
  13. The momentary commitment to just the person you're writing to.
  14. It's so cathartic.
  15. It connects us.
  16. Please, let's do it more.
  17. For each other as much as ourselves.
  18. Static