I ordered this from shopkategabrielle.com because I have no self-control.
  1. Reusable, very cool pencil box.
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  2. Cards! I am partial to the Pocahontas because I fucking love Pocahontas.
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  3. John Smith pops out!
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    Extra entertainment in a Netflix-free world.
  4. Snacks!
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    We really only had Warheads but I have come to love the rest since.
  5. This amazing postcard!
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    Such angst.
  6. Erasers, butterfly clips, JURASSIC PARK AMAZINGNESS and more.
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  7. This tiny, useless but fantastic notebook.
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  8. ...and a miniature, McDonald's Beanie Baby.
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  9. Which I opened, because nothing is sacred to me.
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    Chip the CAT! You know how I feel about cats. 🐱🐱🐱
  10. My nostalgic cup runneth over.