These guys are going soon. They're also super hard to photograph, so their photos are from all different points in their stay with us. SORRY. Sequel to: CURRENT FOSTER KITTENS
  1. Ella
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    Ella Bella. Loves to sleep in my shirt. The smallest of them all.
  2. Vance
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    Has a goatee, apparently didn't receive the memo on those. Second smallest, we had so much trouble getting him to eat. Now he's a monster. A super affectionate monster.
  3. Iggy
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    Named after Iggy Pop until we found out she was a girl. Her name still suits. Sometimes I call her Piglet. This is an older pic, but look at the book in the background, @bjnovak. 😉
  4. Bruno
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    As in Bruno Mars. Or, as I call him, Brune Bug. Ella's not!twin.
  5. Lenny
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    Giant. Cries all the time. Wouldn't open his eyes for this.
  6. When we first got them!
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  7. Proof of Ella's shirt obsession. Or, more accurately, dress obsession.
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  8. Rare group shot.
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  9. UPDATE: A picture of Lenny with his eyes open.
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