These guys are going soon. They're also super hard to photograph, so their photos are from all different points in their stay with us. SORRY. Sequel to: CURRENT FOSTER KITTENS
  1. Ella
    Ella Bella. Loves to sleep in my shirt. The smallest of them all.
  2. Vance
    Has a goatee, apparently didn't receive the memo on those. Second smallest, we had so much trouble getting him to eat. Now he's a monster. A super affectionate monster.
  3. Iggy
    Named after Iggy Pop until we found out she was a girl. Her name still suits. Sometimes I call her Piglet. This is an older pic, but look at the book in the background, @bjnovak. 😉
  4. Bruno
    As in Bruno Mars. Or, as I call him, Brune Bug. Ella's not!twin.
  5. Lenny
    Giant. Cries all the time. Wouldn't open his eyes for this.
  6. When we first got them!
  7. Proof of Ella's shirt obsession. Or, more accurately, dress obsession.
  8. Rare group shot.
  9. UPDATE: A picture of Lenny with his eyes open.