I know, another one of these lists. But I love documentaries. They're as close as I'll get to real life without actually having to experience it. I also like to cry, so be warned: most of these will make you.
  1. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
    This will break you. Watch it anyway.
  2. Bowling for Columbine
    More relevant than ever.
  3. The Imposter
  4. Anything Louis Theroux
    Really. His documentaries on Autism and Dementia are especially good, though.
  5. Blackfish
    Worth the hype.
  6. How to Die in Oregon
    Dying with dignity. Important.
  7. Bully
    Should be mandatory viewing for children and their teachers, too.
  8. Hitler's Children
    I can't think of an adequate way to describe this. "Surprising," maybe.
  9. Supersize Me
    I still wanted to eat McDonald's afterwards, but a fantastic documentary nonetheless.
  10. What They Left Behind
    Short and startling, another film about gun violence.
  11. Hot Girls Wanted
  12. How to Survive a Plague
    A reminder of those lost through political indifference and how far we still have to go.
  13. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
    Mini-series, but worth mentioning. Scared me half to death. Then I watched it again. Filmmaking at its finest.
  14. Citizenfour
    Also worth the hype and surprisingly less sensationalist than I thought it would be.
    Suggested by @jenniferm
  15. From One Second To The Next
    If you text and drive, watch this. And don't fucking text and drive.
  16. Going Clear
    About Scientology. Truly fascinating. I love documentaries about cults and cult-like religions, and this one delivers.
    Suggested by @jenniferm
  17. After Tiller
    George Tiller was assassinated for performing late-term abortions. This is about the doctors that continue to work in the wake of that. Important viewing.
  18. Talhotblond
    Catfish + love triangles = bitches be cray
    Suggested by @daniela
  19. Cutie and the Boxer
    Follows two artists who are married. It's also an amazing commentary on gender, creativity, and art for commerce.
    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  20. American Revolutionary
    About Grace Lee Boggs, her role in the Black Power movement, and the way thoughtful conversation starts change. "Rebellion is an outburst of anger, but it's not revolution. Revolution is evolution toward something much grander in terms of what it means to be a human being."
    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  21. What Happened, Miss Simone?
    Outstanding. A nuanced, heartbreaking, and fascinating profile of Nina Simone. Great performance footage, but more importantly, it gives context to her genius.
    Suggested by @Creamz
  22. The woman who wasn't there. The story of a woman who pretended to be a 9/11 survivor, ran support groups and got a lot of media attention.
    Suggested by @Souhael
  23. The Drop Box
    This old pastor in South Korea built a box on the side of his home/makeshift orphanage where mothers can leave their (often deformed) babies. Broke my heart and made me feel dehydrated from all the crying.
    Suggested by @H
  24. The Staircase
    Suggested by @vvveeee