I'll never have a podcast. Inspired by @thelistpodcast. Steal this idea that I stole and let me know who's on your dream list.
  1. My favourite Novak.
  2. ANOTHER PUBLIC HEALTH KAIT. We need to bond, even if she stole the handle I wanted.
  3. I've met all of maybe three, but anesthesiologists are so awesome and interesting and I love Alexandra's lists.
  4. Just seems like a cool gal.
  5. Chris Messina
    He doesn't seem to understand the internet, this would be hilarious. Podcast would have to be recorded in person for, uh, technical reasons.
  6. And many other friends. We're friends, right? Right?
  7. She already rules the podcast world, the writing world, my heart world. Maybe she'd rub off on me.
  8. Sylvia Plath
    It's not a real podcast! I can host whoever I want. We'd just recite her poems for an hour.
  9. I need to follow up on that gift card situation.
  10. My mother
    For her perspective on having a daughter who is obsessed with The List App without ever having seen or used it. I could be making it up, for all she knows. Am I making it up? 😰