I wrote this list in a waiting room thanks to @sarahgorman's quality BB list.
  1. Nathan For You / Bob's Burgers
    Nathan has guested for the show, I'm told, but not as himself, and I am so sure it would be so majestic we'd all be moved to follow a better path. How would Nathan fix Bob's Burgers? We don't know. But we should.
  2. Parks and Rec / Game of Thrones
    Tyrion and Varys travel to the little know town in Westeros, Dunshire, where they meet King Benjamin and Queen Leslie. The land is full of mysterious cones.
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  3. The Mindy Project / The Office
    Michael attempts to make Dunder Mifflin the sole paper supplier for a successful Manhattan OB/GYN clinic that happens to employee Kelly's secret identical twin. Dwight finds out what happened to his babysitter after she went rogue. Michael can't handle all of the vagina talk.
  4. Orange Is The New Black / Oz
    Actually, I take it back, that would be a nightmare.
  5. The Bachelor / The Bachelorette
    This is just simple mathematics. And common sense.
  6. The Mindy Project/ The Office
    Kelly is jealous that her more successful older cousin, Mindy Lahiri, is getting married, so she tries to sabotage Dunder Mifflin's sales with Schulman & Associates (one of their biggest clients). Dwight and Jim try to rectify the situation by pitching to Jeremy, who is not impressed by Dwight's tactics. Erin comes along as an assistant, but gets distracted filming a music video with Tamra and Morgan in the lobby. Mindy later makes up with Kelly and advises her to dump Ryan once & for all.
    Suggested by @caseyhayley
  7. Pretty Little Liars/Hannibal
    Hannibal is A. Things would get from 0 to 💯much faster.
    Suggested by @aus10