In no particular order, because come on.
  1. Mindy Lahiri
    🍩🏩 I feel all at once no explanation is required and every explanation is required. She's great. @mindy is the best.
  2. Kimmy Schmidt
    🌈☀️ A newer fave, she's just pure sunshine.
  3. Dana Scully
    🔬👓 I'm so excited to get her back.
  4. Kathy H
    💔😥 From Never Let Me Go. She'll never let go of my heart, to use a terrible pun to express my inner anguish.
  5. Finnick Odair
    🎣 🌊 Superior being, best part of the books (well, best male part.) Deserved better than the (second to) last movie gave him.
  6. Gwen Stacy
    📓📚 Deserved better.
  7. Nancy Botwin
    👗🌱 Love to hate, hate to love.
  8. Michael Scott
    👔☕️ As above. But mostly love.