Have another piece of my soul, The List App.
  1. Fucking suck.
    There's no nice way of putting it.
  2. Especially when you don't have a lot of friends.
    Local friends, at least. Online and long distance friends are so important, but there's something to be said for those we can actually spend time with in person.
  3. Especially when they happen a lot.
    And they have. A lot. Back in HS, a friend randomly (at least, I believe it was random) stopped talking to me. It was incredibly awkward and awful because we had so many classes together, and so many mutual friends. I broke down in class one day because she wouldn't talk to me but also refused to move from sitting beside me when I'd sat there first. I went home after crying myself sick. In hindsight, so juvenile, but it still stings.
  4. Especially when they make you wonder if you are even worth befriending.
    Some friends will leave, of course, but to have so many actively WANT to leave you?
  5. Especially when they make you feel like a burden.
    Even to those that promise you aren't.
  6. Especially when you have forgotten how to be alone.
    When being alone used to be so easy.
  7. Especially when no one seems to understand that they can hurt just as much as romantic breakups.
    Apparently if you aren't fucking someone, you should be able to forget them.
  8. Especially because they are inevitable.
    Like every other heartbreak, every variety of grief, they seem unavoidable and it makes it harder than it should to connect. To trust.