Sydney, 2016. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked, but oh well.
  1. So it's been a few years since I attended Supanova, one of Australia's main pop culture conventions.
  2. The first time I went I met Tom Felton, which was awesome.
  3. The times after I mostly went to shop/browse though in 2014 I splurged and used the opportunity to meet Stan Lee – amazing.
    I'm a Marvel fan, which will be even more obvious later.
  4. ANYWAY. This year was my first 'nova with my mother and her boyfriend in attendance. Neither of them really knew what to expect.
  5. They pointed out a lot of Cosplayers and wanted to know what they were from... I knew about half.
  6. My mum met Chewbacca which was pretty much one of her life goals.
  7. We ran into about a dozen Deadpools but this was the highlight... Sailor Moon Deadpool in the arms of regular Deadpool.
  8. They had costumes and props from the new Ghostbusters film which was fucking incredible...
  9. ...and custom coffins which was fucking absurd.
  10. There was endless fan art that I wanted to buy...
  11. ...but resisted.
  12. At least until I met a comic artist name Jamie Johnson and decided to order a commission from him because the con was sorely lacking in X-Men – in particular Mystique – representation.
  13. He was super nice and pushed my request to the top of the list knowing I'd only be there for one day.
    I paid just for a black and white piece because lol what is money.
  14. He said I was more than welcome to come by throughout the day to see what he was up to.
    So, of course, I did.
  15. I was so goddamn excited to see the finished piece,
  16. so when I got that call I pretty much ran back to his stall.
  17. He hid the piece from me at first, saying: "Don't hate me, but I threw in colour for free."
  18. I could have cried, to be honest.
    She couldn't be more perfect.
  19. And my tiny Mystique figurine seems to approve.
  20. It was an exhausting day but so worthwhile and as we left, my mother started talking about what she wanted to do next year. 😊