1. I didn't want to write another list for a while because, yeah, I'm mad about the update and this platform is a lot harder to use than it used to be.
  2. But one thing hasn't changed about this app and that's the people. And I need you guys.
  3. My nan is dying. I know that's not tragic. I know it's something that happens to everyone.
  4. But when she's gone, I won't have any grandparents.
  5. And that just doesn't feel fair.
  6. Today we were told the only meds she'll be receiving are for palliative care.
  7. My mother and aunt have cancelled her appointment with her oncologist.
  8. My nan held my hand and called me Kylie, thinking I was my cousin.
  9. She asked after her husband who's been dead for 20+ years.
  10. And her own mother who's been dead for over 25.
  11. She asked me if she was dying.
  12. I said no.
    We've been told at most she has two weeks.
  13. She kissed my hand and held it to her face.
  14. She asked if she was going home.
  15. My mother said maybe tomorrow.
  16. Static
  17. ETA: Thank you all for the love and light you've sent. My grandmother is still with us but her condition is declining. She has rare moments of clarity. She says she's been hearing God which comforts me more than I thought it would.
    I'm seeing her every 2-3 days and cherishing our moments together while they last. I tell her I love her and she says it back and that's all I can hope for at this point.
  18. ETA: She's still alive but with no quality of life. There's nothing to do but wait.