@kaitmaree style.
  1. Be a little bit sad.
    Enough to spend gross amounts of money on ice cream.
  2. Buy a $12 pint of Ben & Jerry's.
    Pretend you don't owe money on medical bills.
  3. Excitedly put said pint in freezer.
    Promising yourself you can have some after you work on your literature review tomorrow.
  4. Wake up at 2 am.
    Because your cat is a dick.
  5. Walk by kitchen.
    Consider snack.
  6. Find freezer is open.
    Find ice cream has melted.
  7. Cry.
  8. Put ice cream back, close freezer.
    Go back to bed.
  9. Wake up, remember ice cream, cry a little.
    The service station is just a few minutes away and you could buy some more but you're not made of money!
  10. Around lunch, contemplate throwing out ice cream.
  11. Inspect ice cream.
    It has refrozen oddly and does not look particularly edible.
  12. Ask younger brother if he'd like a milkshake.
    If "yes," proceed.
  13. Stick ice cream in microwave.
    Until it softens again a little.
  14. Stick ice cream in blender.
    Add milk, a generous splash of chocolate topping.
  15. Blend!
  16. Pour into two glasses.
  17. Give first to brother.
    Taste test.
  18. If taste test successful, proceed.
    Drink own. It is actually delicious. 🙏🎉💯