1. I was cleaning out my wallet and I found stamps!
    Four international letter stamps and seven Australian.
  2. It occurred to me that I haven't written a list in a few days.
    I've been ~watching~ but things have been weird so I haven't known what to write.
  3. This seemed like a good excuse to write a list and ask for your personal information.
    Well, kind of.
  4. If you want a handwritten note/card/letter/list from me, let me know.
    I'll send you my email address.
  5. I promise I'm fairly sure I'm not a murderer.
    I take sleeping meds though, so who really knows what happens between 10pm and 6am?
  6. PS - I only have enough four for international/seven Aussie people but if enough people are interested, I'll buy more stamps.
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  7. PPS - don't worry about taking up a spot. I will write to everyone.
    Worry about the fact I'm a gd 22 year old who just said "PPS" instead.