1. I'm tired of trying to make my mental illness sound poetic.
  2. I'm tired of a country that pretends to give a shit about its citizens' mental wellbeing while making it too expensive to do anything about it.
  3. I'm tired of a healthcare system that claims to be one of the best still costing me more than I can make.
  4. I'm tired of my only options being locked up or a cushy private hospital I could never afford.
  5. I'm tired of people saying it gets better when it never does.
  6. I'm tired of people telling me that others have it so much worse when I'm painfully aware. When I remind myself that every day and yet my brain chemistry still remains unbalanced.
  7. I'm tired of the only reason I look both ways before I cross being for the driver who might hit me, for his or her feelings.
  8. I'm tired of only being here for other people.
  9. I'm tired of side effects and comorbidity.
  10. I'm tired of people thinking nervous and anxious are the same, that depression means I just cry all the time.
  11. I'm tired of people asking if I'm okay and not wanting to hear that I'm not.
  12. I'm tired of wanting to give up but knowing that I have nothing left to give.
  13. I'm tired of being alone.
  14. I'm tired of pretending.
  15. I'm so tired.