I don't know.
  1. Friends with mental illness, let's talk.
  2. A massive upswing while I was in LA I've come home to feel lonely and lost and...
  4. And I'm starting to wonder whether this is always going to be the cycle.
  5. I'm 23 and while I've seen enormous changes in my behaviour since I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 16, I feel no real difference in how I'm feeling.
  6. Am I always going to come back to this?
  7. Is sad and feeling worthless my baseline?
  8. Does it even matter how I feel as long as I'm being productive and no longer hurting other people?
  9. I'm not looking for answers of a psychiatric nature. I'm seeing my psych in a week.
  10. But I could use some words and thoughts from people who get it.