There's a 75% chance I'll delete this list. ❤️💔
  1. I see so many lists about crushes on The List App.
    And they always make me smile, whether in featured or not.
  2. I have a ton myself.
    I mean, you guys are highly crushable.
  3. But I think I'm developing an actual, romantic crush?
    Which doesn't happen to me a lot.
  4. I usually save my romantic pining for celebrities and fictional characters.
    The less achievable, the better.
  5. This is probably just as unachievable.
    Because of, well, distance. And because I don't consider myself a very romantically desirable person.
  6. And yet the heart wants what it wants.
    So I feel all a-flutter when I think about this crush.
  7. And usually what it can't have.
    And a little sad when I think about the unlikelihood I'll ever tell this person how I feel.
  8. (I don't even like peanut butter, but the sentiment is shared, Charlie Brown.)
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