1. Which is kind of an interesting story.
  2. Sami and I met online back in 2007.
    I think. We argue about this fact. She was from the US (Texas at the time) and myself here in Australia.
  3. It was an SVU fan forum.
    Which is a little embarrassing in hindsight. There were a group of bitchy girls who we were constantly trying to impress, but we found each other instead.
  4. She was obsessed with Australia.
    So it was a perfect blend. I, myself, also just really needed a friend.
  5. We talked every day about everything.
    She became my closest confidant. She still is.
  6. She helped me survive high school.
    Albeit from far away. I'd stay up late and talk to her for hours, and she'd do the same for me.
  7. She made me less lonely.
    When my local friends turned their backs.
  8. We finally met.
    2011, for my 18th birthday. It was like a goddamn movie. She came through the airport and I clung to her and cried.
  9. She left.
    After less than ten days. My heart broke.
  10. She came back.
    In 2013. We went to Australian Zoo and met the Irwins!
  11. She left.
    My heart broke again.
  12. We're still friends.
    Things are different now but we still talk every day. She's still my best friend.
  13. I can't wait to see her.
    Even if it means breaking my heart a little all over again.