From an anxious lister. 😕
  1. Am I not following enough people?
    Am I following too many people?
  2. Am I writing too many lists?
    I should draft more, I know, but I have a serious need for instant validation. So far you guys have been super good at providing that. Still, I'll draft this until tomorrow (at least) out of solidarity with myself.
  3. Am I writing too many sad lists?
    So many of you are so funny but I don't pride myself on my comedy and I worry I'm using this too much as a journal and it's turning out to be a downer. But they're my lists, and they should reflect me and how I feel... right?
  4. Do I like/relist too much?
    I worry that they'll mean less when there's so many, but I really do like them all!
  5. Why won't my friends join?
    Am I not marketing the app well enough? Does this even matter? I'm making such amazing NEW friends here, so I'm not sure it does. Scrap this one.
  6. Will @mindy ever see/like/relist one of my lists?
    The silliest and most aggressive insecurity.
  7. Did they see that typo?
    Before I fixed it? I'm literate, I swear!
  8. Did I format that right?
    I generally try to keep with the format of someone's list when I offer a suggestion so it looks neat but sometimes I'm afraid I disappoint them!
  9. Will I run out of lists?
    I think this just reflects me as a writer. Will I run out of things to say? Will I run out of interesting things to say?