This took longer to write than the one for the ladies. I guess women are easier to fall in love with. 😘 Disclaimer: yes, I'm a cliché.
  1. Chris Messina
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    Can dance, his smile is practically a tilde (~). Forever delighting me on my favourite show.
  2. Max Richter
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    A recent addition. I get dreamy when I think about the scores he'd compose for me.
  3. Chris Pratt
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    Bonus: knows how to French braid.
  4. Steve Carell
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    I bet he gives great advice. He's super handsome and seems like one of the kindest souls in the world. I hear his Michael Scott impression is on point.
  5. B.J. Novak
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    A crush I've had since the early days of The Office. Has many brilliant Twitter aliases - important factoid.
  6. Bill Hader
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    We'd never stop laughing. Also, he was the voice of Fear, which seems fitting given my usual emotional state.
  7. Tom Hardy
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    Loves dogs as much as I love cats. We'd make it work.