1. Called out of work.
    Someone took my shift immediately so I didn't feel too guilty... even if I just lost $100.
  2. Took some Valium.
    It's okay to need one once in a while.
  3. Hung up some more @roaringsoftly art.
    She made this for me. ❤️
  4. Made a to-do list for LA/Disney.
  5. Organised my Pop Funkos.
  6. Cleaned.
    I know anti-bacterial stuff is terrible, as a Public Health major, but it's all I have on hand.
  7. Caught a bunch of shitty Pokémon in search of a Ditto.
    This is an old picture but the sentiment stands.
  8. Ate some delicious air popped popcorn and sipped some overpriced but delicious water.
  9. Cuddled the feline love of my life.
  10. Watched The Princess Diaries.
  11. Looked at the art in our house.
  12. More cuddles.
  13. Wore this.
  14. Went outside, stood on the grass barefoot and looked at the sky.
  15. Thought of all the beautiful people I've lost this year.
    And how lucky I am to be alive.