In vague chronological order. Not enough people talk about this stuff. I don't want to glorify or rank, just share and maybe open up discussion.
  1. Zoloft
    My first psych med! I hated it. Made my heart beat too fast. I ended up overdosing on this one because I was an angry little teenager so it will always be tainted in my mind but it works well for 99% of the people I know on it.
  2. Prozac
    The old faithful. Was on this for years before I quit cold because I thought it wasn't working. Well, it was, apparently. With its long half-life it took forever to get out of my system so withdrawal wasn't really a thing but when it did go, I fell apart.
  3. Valium
    Prescribed by psych 1 and psych 3. Good for some situations but I'm pretty much used to it so it doesn't help as much as it used to. It also works pretty slow.
  4. Temazepam
    Helped me sleep. Once.
  5. Seroquel
    Controversial one because I've been prescribed this for sleep, but it's a godsend. Just started the XR so we'll see how that goes. Don't mix with alcohol (most of these you shouldn't but this was bad. 🙃)
  6. Lexapro
  7. Klonopin
    So good in the short term. But then started needing more so was cut off. Love my docs (this isn't sarcasm, I value their responsibility!)
  8. Pristiq
    Pricey as fuck but my psych decided I needed an SNRI because of my complicated history with psychiatric disorders in my family and this stuff is great for my baseline.
  9. Oxazepam
    My new "emergency" med, I've yet to really test this out except at work and it was a little better than Valium.
  10. Valdoxan
    Not covered by the PBS and expensive as fuck but effective. I think?
  11. Xanax
    Will never be prescribed, apparently. Too addictive. Recent legislation upped its security schedule, or whatever, to that of Ritalin. (
  12. Lithium
    One week in the worst side effects are headaches and thirst. Got my bloods done today to find out if I can stay on/up my dose.
  13. So not every med is for everyone.
  14. And meds aren't for everyone.
  15. But for some people they are super fucking important.
  16. So don't shame them one way or another.
  17. Support them.
  18. (Updates:
    Lithium started, Valium my benzo again, no more Seroquel XR and tapering off Pristiq bc it's making me irritable af.)