Inspired by @DG's list. ❤️
  1. She was a beauty.
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    In youth and old age, she was a beautiful woman. She modelled when she was young, and I'm grateful for the photos we have as a result.
  2. She was brave.
    And experienced terrible things that I wouldn't have survived myself. She lived in Europe as a young girl throughout the Second World War, old enough to remember but perhaps not to comprehend what she saw. I am told she lost a sister. She travelled to Australia with two sons and her husband.
  3. She had a generous soul and spirit.
    I don't have as many memories of her as I'd like, but I remember whenever I saw her she'd give my sister and I bags filled with treats and sweets. Pinwheels and smarties. She never forgot my birthday.
  4. She loved her family.
    I remember the one Christmas I spent with my father's family. A true European one. Real tree, homemade Christmas biscuits, an Austrian feast for dinner. She baked for days every year from when my father was young. When they couldn't afford gifts, their bellies were full in their place.
  5. She had a sense of humour.
    And wasn't afraid to express it. She wasn't afraid to express her opinions, either, especially when it came to Australian politicians – she wasn't a fan.
  6. She loved champagne.
    Möet, specifically. She called it "Mama's champagne" and wouldn't let my father in the house without a bottle.
  7. She lived a good life.
    Six children, countless grandchildren and even two great grandchildren. A small miracle to her passing, she didn't live to see her youngest daughter take her own life. I am grateful for this every day of mine.
  8. She is gone.
    And has been for two years, now. I am often left thinking of all she won't be there for. I miss her most when we bake her biscuits at Christmas, recipes we had to perfect before her passing.