1. My cousin (13) has been dating a girl who is very emotionally volatile.
  2. Understandably so, I'd say, given that she's barely a teenager and has one parent dead and the other dying.
  3. They've broken up but he has yet to unfriend her and thus she constantly tags him in posts about missing him.
  4. Today he posted that he was in a new relationship and she commented saying she was lonely and wanted to kill herself.
  5. A bunch of my cousin's friends responded, egging her on, telling her to do it already.
  6. And I thought... maybe she is just being dramatic.
  7. But maybe she isn't.
  8. Maybe the unkind word of a relative stranger is all she needs to leave.
  9. So I called my aunt and told her.
  10. And I'm sure my cousin will hate me.
  11. But I hope she speaks to him about the people he's befriended.
  12. And warns him not to ever, ever, tell anyone to take their own life.
  13. Because that is one thing you cannot take back.