1. Being mentally ill isn't an easy thing, like any other illness.
  2. It isn't a choice.
  3. It isn't a cop out or an excuse or the easy alternative to participating in life.
  4. Mental illness saps you.
  5. It saps your energy.
  6. It saps your joy.
  7. It saps your dreams.
  8. And it saps your ability to make reasonable decisions.
  9. For me it sapped my memory.
  10. And I have said and done things I honestly cannot remember.
  11. Those things I've said and done that I honestly can't remember have ended some of my most precious, important relationships.
  12. And I can't get them back.
  13. No matter what I say, I can't undo what I've already said.
  14. There are people whose perceptions I can't change.
  15. There are people who judge me for who I was instead of who I am.
  16. And that's okay.
  17. Even if it hurts sometimes.
  18. Even if I want to scream and cry about how I'm not that person anymore.
  19. Instead I have to accept that the only thoughts I can control are my own.
  20. The only actions I can control are my own.
  21. And people who are meant to be in my life will embrace the "new" me without resenting or regretting the old.
  22. Thank you, DBT.